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Welcome to Hotel Schütt

We will have this beautiful hotel to ourselves. Around 27 improvisers running around between the different rooms, the garden, and the beautiful lake.

The bedrooms

All bedrooms are beautiful 2p. bedrooms with a private ensuite bathroom. Yes, you will share this room with another improviser.


If you like to stay in one of these rooms with a friend, or if you have a preference of being put in a room with someone of the same gender, please let us know. 

Food & Drinks

We will enjoy lovely meals three times a day. All meals are vegetarian, meat is optional. 

  • Breakfast is a buffet with different options, some salmon, vegetables, bread rolls, croissants, and much more.

  • Lunch is always a hot meal and a salad (for example a vegetarian lasagna).

  • Dinner is a buffet with a hot meal and a salad option. (except for Thursday : BBQ!)

Drinks are all-inclusive. Coffee, tea, alcoholic beverages,.. Yes. We promise.
All-in baby.


"Hotel Schütt" is positioned right next to the Eifel Lake and the national park. 


The official address is Rurstraße 16, 52152 Simmerath/Einruhr.

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