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During Trinity Improv Holiday, there will be 3 days of each 6 hours of improv workshops. Thursday to Saturday, from 10am - 1pm and from 4pm - 7pm. 

The 24 holiday-goers will be divided in two groups of 12. They will get one workshop from each of the three instructors. 

All workshops are directed towards all-level improvers. 

Thursday 14/07
Friday 15/07
Saturday 16/07
Group 1
Workshop Charlotte
Workshop Marith
Workshop Lena
Group 2
Workshop Marith
Workshop Lena
Workshop Charlotte

Workshop Charlotte

'It takes two'

How to support and surprise our partners, take two. In this workshop we explore new ways of how to take care of our scenepartner, and also challenge them and push them off the cliff. We can go either way. To make the right choice, we need to estimate what our partner needs.


This workshop teaches you how to focus on your partner, and gives you tools to play with what you see. The main idea that we build on is that by focusing on your partner, you can stop putting pressure on yourself. And if that happens in both directions, well, then magic happens.

The workshop includes topics as energy, ego, connection, playfulness, surprise, safety and imagination. Feel free to come with your duopartner.

“It's not what you want to do, it's what your partner is making you do.”

Workshop Lena

'I love you, baby'

Improv scenes are more captivating to watch when involving two crucial elements: emotions and intimacy. Feeling emotions in improv enables audiences to enjoy a deeper level of performance and comedy.


Theatre is all about the relationship between the characters on stage. Still improvisers from all around the world are getting shy when it comes to real emotions, truthful connections and a real commitment to your character´s feeling. It is a little bit scary. And risky. But it’s such a lot of fun!


In this workshop we will dive deep into our (stage) emotions and learn different techniques to get emotional on stage. We´ll find out how to play truthful scenes about love, attraction and relationships. We'll work on trust and truly connecting with your scene partner. Because playing emotionally alone is even scarier.


From good old Stanislavski's emotional memory to a psychology-based technique called emo-streaming, we will learn tools to perform more emotionally. 

Workshop Marith

'Let's get theatrical'

Stage pictures are like Dutch windows. No curtains, and if they do have them,  why close them? We leave our houses open for the world to see, it is our daily stage and we are pros in using it, every day.

Everyone knows the importance of a good stage picture. And yet once we’re improvising, it seems to just slip our minds. There we are again, in the center. Where we strawl around while talking. Missing the magic of a good use of the stage.

Add a tad of music to this and there we have it; a theatrical performance.

This workshop will look at beautiful stage pictures, and at the influence of music on a scene. 

Music can be an inspiration: It can bring or release tension, contradict or enhance, or even become a method for editing scenes. How can we use the full potential of music? How does it inspire, and what will it create with us? 

During the workshop we will work towards a montage based performance. 

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