Billy Kissa / Kelly Agathos 

Die beiden tollsten griechisch-belgischen Improexporte kommen nach Köln! 

Kelly ist eine griechisch-amerikanische Improlehrerin, Schauspielerin und Trainerin. Sie ist die Gründerin von ImproBubble und reist durch ganz Europa - außerdem ist sie die einzige Improspielerin, die die EU wirklich von innen kennt.

Billy ist Schauspielerin und Trainerin, ursprünglich aus Heraklion zog es sie erst nach Athen und dann in die europäische Hauptstadt Brüssel. Billy war schon auf mehr Festivals als es Götter im Olymp gibt und gehört zu den besten Improspielerinnen Europas.

Workshop Kelly Agathos (Samstag)

X Marks the spot!

We've all been there, stuck in a scene in which nothing has been defined... Of course we want to 'go' somewhere, but because the platform, relationships and characters are not clear, the way forward seems just as foggy. The good news is that we can focus on two simple elements, justification and specificity to get unstuck and fire up both our collective inspiration!

When we describe a particular brand of cigarettes, put on a specific outfit, act out the exact type of shot used to score a goal, what we do or say on stage comes alive in a more vivid and enjoyable way, not only for the audience, but also for our fellow players! And when we notice what's already there, explain it or provide the context, then there's no need to add new elements- we simply use what we' ve already built on to clarify, contextualise or create patterns which will greatly enhance both our enjoyment and that of the audience.

Just like the 'X' which marks the spot on a treasure map, justification and specificity are a winning combination that can turbocharge your improv skills and inspire you and your partners in new and surprising ways.

Workshopsprache: Easy englisch

Workshop Billy Kissa (Sonntag)

Communication Vessels - Trust, Communication, Connection, Support

Actors on an improv stage can’t work as individuals. They must work as a well-oiled machine, as one organism, as being the tentacles of the same octopus, each having a brain of its own, but uses it in combination and harmony with the rest. In order to achieve that, we need to work on trust, communication, connection and support. That’s exactly what we’re going to do during this course. Improv is easier when we share it with people we trust.

Workshopsprache: Easy Englisch

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WICHTIG: Beide Workshops können unabhängig voneinander gebucht werden

Preis pro Workshop (6 Stunden Unterricht): 99,90 Euro

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Wann: Samstag 17.9.2022, 11-18 Uhr

Sonntag 18.9.2022, 11-18 Uhr

Wo: Studio 11, Köln Ehrenfeld

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