Cédric Marschal

Cédric has been playing and teaching improv in different companies in Strasbourg (France). His idea of improv is to share and learn as much as you can, that's why he has been travelling
around 18 countries in Europe and beyond, playing, learning and teaching. His style could be described as explosive, sincere, physical and silly. He loves miming, clowning and playing with the body, that's what he wants to bring in his performances and workshops.

Workshop Samstag

Mime and Object Work

This workshop focuses on a side-skill : miming and object and space work.
Having a clear vision of your environment, the objects and furnitures that are around, the size and
weight of the mimes you use, is an helpful friend to make your stories more true to you, your
partners and the audience. It helps you react in a more consistent way, more grounded to the reality
of your scene.
In this workshop we will train our bodies to play truly in our imaginary environments, to make
them more visible to us and the audience. It finds its inspiration in Lecoq's work, clown, commedia
Let's take your mime in hand !

Workshopsprache: Easy english with french accent.

Workshop Sonntag

Unplug your brain!

Our brain is an amazing story-making machine, but sometimes it makes us feel too heady and it
becomes our own trap, our only barrier. During this workshop, through guided exercises, we will
unplug that brain to allow us to explore what our body language, intentions, emotions and
imagination can suggest. Step by step we'll say goodbye to rational and let absurd and stupid guide
us to new playgrounds where new amazing stories emerge.

Workshopsprache: Easy englisch with french accent.

Alle Infos:

WICHTIG: Beide Workshops können unabhängig voneinander gebucht werden

Preis pro Workshop (6 Stunden Unterricht): 99,90 Euro

/ 84,90 Euro (reduziert)

Preis beide Workshops: 189,90 Euro / 164,90 Euro

Wann: Samstag 15.10.2022, 11-18 Uhr

Sonntag 16.10.2022, 11-18 Uhr

Wo: Studio 11, Köln Ehrenfeld

Corona: Die aktuellen Regeln werden vorab per Mail rumgeschickt.

Anmeldung: Bitte an hallo@improkoeln.de