Masterclass with John Gebretatose

John Gebretatose (he/him) from Minneapolis (USA) comes to Cologne! He has traveled the world performing and directing improv along with teaching workshops and producing shows, all the while making improv inclusive and welcoming to all people, especially the underrepresented folks. John is a founding member of one of the hottest new improv groups, Blackout. He is the co-creator of the Black and Funny Improv Festival which started in Minneapolis and now has chapters all over the US and Canada.

Masterclass Saturday / Sunday


Improv can be much more than jokes. And to be honest - it sometimes should be. It can be scary, sometimes offensive and uncomfortable and it sometimes shows more of ourselves, than we imagine. In this Masterclass we explore some approaches to stay safe and fair in socially and politically charged situations on stage and we´ll try to be our best self in every moment by acknowledging every gift we are given and supporting those around us.

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​Preis: 189,90 Euro / 164,90 Euro

Wann: Samstag 1.10.2022, 11-18 Uhr

Sonntag 2.10.2022, 11-18 Uhr

Wo: Studio 11, Köln Ehrenfeld

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