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Hellena Jang & Terje Brevik 

Hellena is from South Korea, Terje from Norway - they met in Chicago, USA and fell in love with each others energy. Now they bring their knowledge and joy to the improv community - teaching and performing as KNIT. 

Hellena is an improv coach and facilitator from Seoul and works with different companies and improv ensembles since over 10 years.

Terje is an improviser from Norway, the land of trolls, fjords and the midnight sun. He’s a Bachelor's of Drama and Theater Communication, the founder of Tøyen Impro and he is been doing a lot of improv since 2012.

Workshop Hellena Jang (Samstag)

Murder Mystery  K-Drama Style

 We all love to make a character. Then, how to make a character? and how to keep that character? Follow the character, don’t follow the story. If you follow the character, you will find the story. and the Character’s interesting points will lead us to the interesting story. After that, we can dig into the deep character. and we will find the joy of improv. We will find out how to make various but truthful Character and we will learn a long form which based on Nick Maaß’s original Murder mystery, Imfrog(Hellena’s Korean improv team) changed little bit, and Hellena added more sipices with K-drama style. K-drama style means many aspects from K-drama include Kimchi slapstick.


For the Murder mystery, 

Basically, in one location, there will be murder. and detective will find out who will be murderer. But, each character has a secret and even we have witnesses from the audience. and nobody know who is murderer. we cannot guess. because it is random. Doesn;’t make any sense? Yes, you are right. Let’s see what happens on stage!!!

Workshopsprache: Englisch

Workshop Terje Brevik (Sonntag)

Armando - an introduction

The Armando is a very accessible and fun format to play! An opening monologue is followed by scenes inspired by its content, then more monologues inspired by scenes.

The Armando - an Introduction will provide tools and experience for giving monologues, looking for and finding inspiration in other's and showing your ideas to your scene partner in a clear and obvious way.

Workshopsprache: Englisch

Alle Infos:

WICHTIG: Beide Workshops können unabhängig voneinander gebucht werden

Preis  Samstagworkshop (6 Stunden Unterricht): 99,90 Euro / 84,90 Euro (reduziert)

Preis Sonntagworkshop (4 Stunden Unterricht):  69,90 Euro / 59,90 (reduziert)

Preis beide Workshops: 159,90 Euro / 139,90 Euro

Wann: Samstag 4.3.2023, 11-18 Uhr

Sonntag 5.3.2023, 10 -14 Uhr

Wo: Studio 11, Köln Ehrenfeld

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